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Projector Installation & Servicing

In need of technology for an upcoming event?

We've got you covered.


We will deliver and set up to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

Rental Pricing:


Epson 4000 Lumen Data Projector (WXGA)  150.00

Amplified Splitter for Projecting w/ 2 Data Projectors  20.00



8' Portable Projection Screen  40.00

DaLite Fastfold 48"x64" Compact Screen

w/ Skirt and Case  25.00

DaLite 60"x60" Matte White Heavy Duty Screen w/ Case  20.00

DaLite 40"x40" Matte White Screen  15.00

DaLite 40"x40" Matte White Screen  15.00

Black Skirt to Cover Legs of Projection Screens  15.00



200 watt compact powered professional mixer w/ Amp;

includes 2 speaker stands and your choice of compact

(25-50 people) or large size speakers (50& up) 150.00

Wireless Headworn Mic System  25.00

Wireless Lapel Mic System  15.00

Wireless Handheld Mic System  15.00

Prices are per day, discounts are available for multiple day rentals.

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